The concept of preventative maintenance is well known and accepted. Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical services that are regularly maintained provide longer service life, reliable performance and lower running costs. In the same way these preventative maintenance techniques are successfully applied to painted static structures such as buildings, and produce many similar benefits. This unique system of programmed maintenance painting provides a number of significant advantages over the traditional ad-hoc methods.

Consistent Level of Appearance

Buildings are kept in good condition and therefore present an attractive and pleasing appearance over the maintenance period.

Proven Cost Savings

Because surfaces are maintained in good condition, substantial savings are achieved over the medium to long term, often approaching 30% over ad-hoc methods. Expensive preparation is eliminated, repairs reduced and repainting intervals extended, to gain the full benefits of the life expectancy of the surface coating.


Constant Surface Protection

Because the paint film has been kept in good condition, underlying surfaces are protected from damage from the elements, eliminating expensive preparation for future repaints and reducing the likelihood of building repairs.

Cost Budgeting

Payments for painting and maintenance can be spread over the full term of the agreement instead of being concentrated in one year. Predetermined annual payments enable accuracy of budgeting for the term of the agreement.

Guaranteed Performance

Due to the spread of costs, you are provided with an unequivocal performance guarantee because at no stage of the maintenance programme does payment exceed the value of work performed.


In the first year of the programme all surfaces are prepared and repainted to establish uniformity of finish and appearance. Buildings that are new or recently painted may be deferred for repainting to later years of the programme to provide overall cost savings. The cost is spread over the period of the programme by equal annual payments as set out in the graph below

The initial value used for this example is R 170 000 . The use of premium products and systems together with annual maintenance will result in a 20 � 30 % saving in year 6 when the building is repainted. The figures used in this illustration have allowed for escalation at 7.5% per annum.


What is a Maintenance Painting Programme?

It is a unique concept whereby your building is painted in Year 1 and all the surfaces brought up to a high standard. In each of the following years of the Programme we return to your building and clean down the dirt affected surfaces, rectify any damaged paintwork, and at the end of the annual maintenance we leave all the painted surfaces with a clean sound paint film.

How many years is the Painting Programme?

Generally either 5 or 10 years. The most common term is 10 years being split into two 5 year cycles. A major repaint is carried out in Year 1 and annual maintenance services performed in Years 2 to 5. In year 6 another repaint is carried out to all the painted surfaces, and because we have been maintaining the surfaces over the previous 5 years, the costly preparation and multiple coating involved in Year 1 is avoided. This is a genuine cost saving to you as the cost of the second 5 year term is generally 20-25% less than the initial 5 years. So, you can elect to have a 5 year programme or a 10 year, or any terms for that matter, whichever suits your needs.

How do I pay for the Painting Programme?

The cost of the initial repaint and the annual maintenance services is calculated to arrive at a total cost for the 5 or 10 years. This is then divided evenly over the term of the contract to provide you with an even spread of costs over the term of the programme. It helps you to spread your painting maintenance costs more realistically over the life of the buildings rather than being concentrated in any particular year.

What other benefits are there to Maintenance Painting Programmes?

Surface Protection
Because the building fabric is protected by a sound paint film at all times, costly building repairs are avoided. Additionally, the building will always be looking good due to the fact that we are cleaning down and maintaining the painted surfaces annually.

The facility of spreading the total cost of painting and maintenance payments over the duration of the programme assists in the preparation of accurate annual budgets, and avoids the heavy outlays associated with periodic painting

Cost Savings
Annual maintenance services extend the life of painted surfaces and this results in a reduction of the frequency of repainting, compared with traditional ad-hoc painting.

The spread of payments facility ensures the amount of work completed in the first year of the programme far exceeds the annual payment, thereby providing an unequivocal financial guarantee for the full term of the programme.

What if some of the paintwork falls off during the terms of the Programme?

As we are totally responsible for the paint coatings throughout the term of the contract, it is in our interest to provide a top quality job during the initial repaint, using only premium grade materials. A clause in the agreement documents spells out very clearly that at the completion of each annual maintenance service, all painted surfaces will be left with a clean sound paint film. The annual invoice is not raised each year until we have a completion certificate signed by our client.

How do I enter into a Maintenance Painting Programme with Smith and Winfield

At your request we will measure the painted surfaces of your building(s), assess their current condition, and provide you with a detailed proposal which will identify all the areas to be included and an annual cost for the service. If you wish to proceed we will arrange to carry out the work on your project to a timetable which suits you and one that does not interfere with the day to day running of your organization. From that time on Smith and Winfield is totally responsible, with a considerable financial guarantee, to see that your building is looking good at all times.


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