This highly specialised division of Smith and Winfield focuses on the rehabilitation of the building fabric using a   combination of expertise, specialist techniques and products.

Our harsh climate and coastal location causes decay of the structure which requires periodic repairs to prevent problems compounding if left unattended.

The quality standards of new buildings being produced is declining as a result of poor supervision, bad detailing, low quality materials, unrealistic building times among others. This leads to defects that need to be properly addressed.

Timeous and professional intervention can help keep the building’s aesthetics, maintain its value and make long term savings in the cost of future maintenance.

We provide a Turnkey solution utilising and coordinating engineers and managing specialist subcontractors such as Waterproofers, Aluminium and Glass experts etc, all of whom are acknowledged experts in their trades.

Chartwell Umhlanga

The Journey Thus Far…Exterior Painting has begun at Chartwell Umhlanga after extensive spalling repairs, pinning of brickwork and structural reinforcement. Balconies refurbished, waterproofing, tiling, balustrade refurbishment and replacement of sliding doors and windows. The whole building will be skimmed and painted with Marmoran products




2019 – 2020

Herrwood Drive Umhlanga Ridge

This refurbishment contract involved the repair of loose and weak plaster, as well as plaster crazing and concrete spall repairs, the coating of the entire building utilising a fibre reinforced coating system to address waterproofing issues prior to application of final coats.


2019 Lagoon Drive Umhlanga Rocks

Concrete spalling and mosaic repairs, skimming and coating of mosaics and application of

Marmoran coatings, repairs and replacement of damaged bricks, waterproofing, tiling of balconies & repair to balustrades.


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