Smith and Winfield are proud to partner with Reproplast in a venture that will see all our empty plastic paint buckets returned to their facility in Cato Ridge for recycling.
The significant investment in the state-of-the-art plant is a commitment from a unique group of packaging producers to their Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme that sees manufacturers take accountability for the packaging they manufacture after use by the consumer.
This is a world-class facility that we are excited to be supporting as we have for many years been concerned about our used buckets ending up in landfill sites or polluting our environment.

Smith and Winfield have recently completed the refurbishment of the exterior of the Reproplast building, painting the face brick and plaster paneling in the company’s corporate colours.

In front of the Reproplast plant before the repainting of the building.
From left to right: Wesley Sewell (Newmantle), Nigel Murray-Rogers (S&W), Wayne Tinley (S&W), Anne Brooker (Newmantle), Jeff Smith (Reproplast), Jean Broerse (S&W)

The completed project

Plastic waiting to be recycled at the plant.